Mawson Trail – High Eden Road to Jacob’s Creek

Di and I met at Jacob’s Creek Visitor Centre on a beautiful winter’s day, ready to ride the Mawson Trail from High Eden Road down to Rowland Flat. We loaded Di’s bike onto the back of my car and then followed Trial Hill Road up to the start of our ride.

Mawson Trail - our start point at High Eden Road
Our start point at High Eden Road

It had been three years since I had cycled this section of the trail with my good friends Kathie and Hugh and I was excited to show Di how beautiful it was. We began by heading along Corryton Park Road.

Mawson Trail - Corryton Park Road
Corryton Park Road

The road surface was good and the gums lining the road were majestic. After four kilometres, the Mawson Trail turned north onto Trial Hill Road.

Mawson Trail - on Trial Hill Road
On Trial Hill Road

The “undulations” became steeper as we began crossing the Barossa Range with Pewsey Vale Peak on our left. After ten kilometres we came to a gate where the Mawson Trail left Trial Hill Road and headed up towards Steingarten Vineyard.

Mawson Trail - Steingarten Road
Turning onto Steingarten Road

The views towards the Barossa were wonderful.

Mawson Trail - view from Steingarten Road
View from Steingarten Road

We took it easy and walked some of the hills. I knew we had a steep descent ahead of us so we didn’t want to be too tired.

Mawson Trail - Steingarten Road
Steingarten Road

We arrived at Steingarten.

Mawson Trail - Steingarten Vineyard
Photo by Diane Cuthbertson

The stone fence lining the vineyard was beautiful.

There was a double lookout – I loved the stonework there too.

One side looked out towards the Eden Valley,

while the other side was towards the Barossa.

Mawson Trail - view from Steingarten lookout towardss the Barossa
Photo by Diane Cuthbertson

We sat eating our lunch enjoying the view and listening to the cries of the newborn lambs in the fields below.

After another couple of kilometres it was time to go over the top.

The descent was steep with gradients reaching 15% in places, but I was pleased to note that I was much more confident than when I had done this section previously.

We approached Rowland Flat

and then left the Mawson Trail to take the Jack Bobridge Trail to Jacobs Creek.

The Jack Bobridge was bitumized, which was enjoyable after the gravel. The path plunged twice down towards the creek with consequent steep climbs. More walking! After a few more kilometres we arrived at our end point.

The elevation chart below shows the drop from the top of Steingarten down to Rowland Flat. Despite the overall decline, we had climbed 212 metres over the 18.9 kilometre ride.

Mawson Trail – High Eden Road to Jacob’s Creek Visitor Centre – map and elevation

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